Bringing women essentials @ doorstep

Period is a natural physical process for women, which relates to their good health. But in our country, this has been neglected. Due to insufficient usage of Sanitary Napkins causes severe infections, even cancer. Most of our women feel shy or hesitant to ask their husbands, father, or brother to buy these products. Only 14% of females are using a sanitary napkin in Bangladesh and Many stay unhygienic in their period because of this.

COVID 19 is affecting not only food and economy but every aspect of our lives. In this situation, it has become difficult for many girls and women to buy sanitary napkins during the period or menstruation of them. On the other hand, due to the lockdown, many people have money in their hands but are not able to go out and buy it. In many cases, the product is not available.

To solve this problem we Youth Hub, working through our Trikonomiti Project.

We took this initiative to reach out to unprivileged girls to provide free Sanitary Napkins. We have formed a small fund and started to distribute free sanitary napkins to the underprivileged women.

Also, we deliver sanitary napkins at doorsteps without any service charge those orders through our website. To get sanitary napkins, hair remover cream, women razor, and pregnancy test strip at home, you have to go to the website. After ordering, the volunteers will confirm you by calling and deliver you to your home very quickly.

We have also created a private Facebook group. In this Facebook group, prominent women doctors are giving various suggestions about women’s health. We are also creating awareness of using sanitary napkins through different activities.